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Our mission

Promotion of Belarusian engineering and construction services through faultless delivery of large-scale projects with the aim of increasing the welfare of our clients and society, as well as of our company.

Strategic goals

Our strategic goal: to become the leading Belarusian exporter of engineering and construction services to the foreign markets and to introduce the latest effective technologies.


Main areas of operations of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy”: Belarus, UAE, Ecuador. Additional and prospective areas: Austria, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia.

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Company history

The history of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy“ started in the 50’s of the twentieth century, when the leading Belarusian construction companies — JSV “Gomelpromstroy“ (Gomel) and “Stroytrest“ No. 8 (Brest) - were founded. In May 2007 these organizations became equity holders of the newly formed JSV “Belzarubezhstroy“, and formed the engineering core of the new company.

With a free-zone company Alm Investments FZE (UAE) and Reshenie Bank Joint-Stock Company (Minsk) becoming shareholders of the company, JSV “Belzarubezhstroy“ came to a totally new level of development through combining a significant engineering and construction, production and technical capacity with extensive financial and investment opportunities.

Currently the main activities of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” are design and construction of residential, office and industrial buildings and structures.

Focus areas

JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” has gained a reputation of a reliable partner: many years of business cooperation with companies in various countries, dozens of successful projects and a team of highly qualified specialists guarantee the high quality of the works in each business area.

Design and architectural supervision

JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” performs integrated design for industrial, agricultural, energy and civil construction. Each stage of the project is supervised by experienced specialists: architects, design engineers, structural engineers, process engineers, engineering equipment technicians.
First a detailed engineering project is prepared which consists of the drawings, specifications, reports, explanatory notes and metric calculations. Then our specialists supervise the construction process and make sure that the works are executed in compliance with the project drawings and specifications. This approach guarantees the high quality of construction. At the end the customer receives exactly the same result as was specified in the contract. Moreover, a properly prepared project allows to reduce costs and period of construction.

Construction, maintenance and operation of industrial facilities

JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” has experience in greenfield projects in both heavy and light industries: we not only build the enterprise, but also supervise procurement of all the necessary facilities – equipment and technology.
Our specialists supervise the installation of the equipment and run tests to set up production process. JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” also organizes staff training: theoretical training is held during the construction of the plant, practical training is held during the process of setting up and commissioning of the equipment. Thus the project is handed over to the client fully operational.

Construction, maintenance and operation of agricultural facilities

JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” has studied in detail the specifics of the agricultural sector: the company builds both individual agricultural facilities and complex agricultural systems (agro-towns), which include agricultural enterprises and houses for the workers.
We also carry out survey works and preparation of soil for farming.

Construction, maintenance and operation of civil facilities

In the civil engineering sector JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” has experience in building both residential and public facilities: kindergartens, schools, fire and police stations, cultural and shopping centers.
When working abroad we pay special attention to the local requirements: climate, architectural traditions of the country and lifestyle of its population. This helps us to build houses and town districts where the local people can feel comfortable.

Construction, maintenance and operation of energy facilities

One of the missions of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” is to promote natural resources conservation and to minimize the impact of industry on the environment. That’s why our company is actively implementing energy efficient technologies in Belarus and abroad, and takes part in the construction and modernization of power plants and power systems.

Development and implementation of innovative technologies

Specialists of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” use the latest technologies and develop proprietary solutions: our company owns unique, unparalleled and effective solutions for addressing production tasks.

Our competitive advantages

Team of qualified specialists

Our team of full-time and outsourced professionals is capable of delivering the project at all its stages. Our competence is backed up by ISO 9001 certificates.

International partners and global coverage

Our corporate world map covers such countries as Belarus, Venezuela, Russia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Austria, Argentina, Germany, Syria, Columbia, UAE, Lithuania, Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Extensive experience in complex turnkey projects

“Belzarubezhstroy” assumes responsibility for all phases of the project, starting with memorandum signing and project estimating, to turnkey handover and signing of the final acceptance certificate.