The General Meeting of Shareholders

  • Chairman of the General Meeting of Shareholders — Vital Bandaryk
  • Free Zone Company “ALM INVESTMENTS FZE”, Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone, United Arab Emirates
  • Reshenie Bank Joint-Stock Company (R-Bank JSC), 220035, Ignatenko st.,11,
  • Joint Stock Company “Building Trust No.8”, 224013, Brest, Shevchenko Blvd., 4,
  • Joint Stock Company of the Order of the Red Banner of Labour “Gomelpromstroy”, 246017, Gomel, Zharkovskogo st., 22-A,
Board of Directors Company Management
Viktor Chevtsov Chairman of the Board of Directors
Vital Bandaryk Member of the board of directors
Sergey Budnikov Member of the board of directors
Sergey Zhuk Member of the board of directors
Irina Romanyuk Member of the board of directors
Pavel Satsuta Member of the board of directors
Tatyana Suslo Member of the board of directors
Igor Suslov Member of the board of directors
Aliaksandr Falevich
Aliaksandr Falevich General Director
Aliaksandr Orsik
Aliaksandr Orsik First Deputy General Director
Viktar Atroshchyk
Viktar Atroshchyk Deputy General Director for external economic relations
Yuliya Biyatava
Yuliya Biyatava Chief Accountant
Vadim Drazhin
Vadim Drazhin Head of the Project Department
Andrei  Zakharenka
Andrei Zakharenka Head of Construction Division No.1
Mihail Gurskiy
Mihail Gurskiy Head of the Monitoring and Certification Department
Aliaksandr Sitsko
Aliaksandr Sitsko Head of the Occupational and Environmental Safety and Civil Protection Service
Aliaksandr Karpenka
Aliaksandr Karpenka Head of the Organizational Department
Andrei Khabian
Andrei Khabian Head of the Procurement, Logistics and Maintenance Department
Aleh Chystou
Aleh Chystou Head of Automation and Database Sector
Anastasiya Ziabora
Anastasiya Ziabora Head of Economic Planning Department
Natalya Orlova
Natalya Orlova Human Resources Manager