Management System

Quality management system

Политика в области качества The cornerstone of the quality assurance policy of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” is enhancement of customer satisfaction through efficient use of quality management system, continuous quality improvement, ensuring strict compliance of construction, installation, design and engineering works with the design requirements and regulations. Our quality management system was implemented on October 27, 2010 and certified on May 20, 2011. Compliance of QMS with ISO 9001:2008 requirements relating to design of buildings and structures, performance of construction and installation works, and engineering services is warranted by certificate of compliance issued by TÜV Thüringen e.V. certification agency.

In February 2014 TÜV Thüringen e.V. specialists performed recertification audit of our quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 requirements. Based on the audit results, TÜV Thüringen e.V. specialists issued an auditor’s report stating that the quality management system conforms to the standard requirements and certificate validity may be extended for 3 years.

JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” continuously analyze our customers’ needs and strive to not only meet their current requirements, but also to exceed their expectations. We seek objective evidence that our services are needed by the customers and meet their requirements.

JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” received Belarusian Government Quality Award 2013 as recognition of high efficiency of quality management techniques which enable us to produce competitive products and render services.

Occupational safety and health management system

Политика в области охраны труда Health and safety of employees are the top priority for the company. JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” developed and implemented occupational safety and health management system based on the international standard OHSAS 18001:2007 “Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – Requirements”. JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” believes that our future lies in continuous development and ensuring safety while providing design and engineering services and construction works. JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” management assumes the obligation to:

  • create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment;
  • identify and evaluate risks at each workplace, adopt management measures to reduce risks;
  • meet legal requirements relating to occupational safety and health;
  • regularly monitor, develop, review and amend (if required) local regulations and guidelines on occupational safety and health;
  • set and analyze occupational safety and health objectives;
  • prevent accidents, workplace injuries, occupational illnesses and deterioration of the employees’ health;
  • continuously improve occupational safety and health performance;
  • continuously increase employees’ competence;
  • engage the employees in occupational safety and health system management;
  • increase personal responsibility and provide incentives to the employees for observing health and safety requirements.

JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” management assumes responsibility for provision of resources for achievement of health and safety objectives, for meeting the requirements, for maintaining and continuously enhancing occupational safety and health management system performance in compliance with OHSAS 18001:2007.

In keeping with innovative and modern strategies, JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” takes proactive approach to addressing workplace hazards. The existing occupational safety and health management system is based on identifying the workplace hazards arising in the course of work, and estimating the probability of occurrence of hazards and the risk of exposure of employees to such hazards. This approach allows to prevent accidents, rather than remedy their effects.

Environmental management system

Политика в области охраны окружающей средыIn 2013 JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” developed, implemented and certified an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 “Environmental management systems. Requirements with guidance for use” in an effort to raise efficiency of measures for compliance with environmental law, to reduce negative impact on the environment and to promote resources conservation.

Environmental management is one of the priorities of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy”.

It is aimed at minimization of the negative impact on the environment. The company management recognizes responsibility for affecting the environment as we expand production, increase output volumes and develop new products. In view of this, it is our goal to gradually reduce environmental impact caused by application of technology. To achieve this goal JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” management undertakes the following commitments for environmental protection and resources conservation, as reflected in the company’s Environmental policy:

  • continuously improve environmental conditions and prevent pollution;
  • comply with requirements of environmental laws that apply to the company and its environmental policy;
  • work for the conservation of natural, energy and raw resources;
  • work for reduction of emissions, discharge of pollutants, waste generation and ensuring maximum waste recovery during work;
  • constantly improve the environmental management system;
  • cooperate with all the parties interested in the environmental activities of the company;
  • prevent emergencies and minimize their impact on the environment and potential effects;
  • provide comprehensive and regular environmental training for the employees of all levels;
  • estimate technological impact on the environment at the time of development and construction of new projects.