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Career in BZS

Nowadays JSV Belzarubezhstroy numbers more than 600 professionals. Our personnel is our pride, our ideas and possibilities.
With our unique specialists, we are able to handle the most complicated innovative projects. 

The Company’s personnel policy is aimed at:

  • creating a close-knit team of professionals
  • providing all the necessary conditions enabling the employees of the Company to achieve the desired goals
  • upgrading qualification of the Company’s employees
  • affording an opportunity for career growth within the Company
  • protecting the life and health of the employees during their employment.

All the opportunities

Belzarubezhstroy is a fast-growing company. We are constantly developing new interesting projects and opening new vacancies. Each Company’s newcomer is integrated into our Team. We are looking for qualified specialists who are focused on achieving the goals and take responsibility for the results of their activity and the work of the Team.

Advantages of working with JSV Belzarubezhstroy:

  • Young, close-knit team of professionals
  • Participation in international projects
  • Professional development and career growth
  • Stability, social protection and decent working conditions 

Recruitment process

The staff for all the departments is recruited not only on the basis of the candidate’s professional skills and experience, their motivation and personal qualities are also taken into account. We require a high level of qualification and professionalism from our candidates, and analyze if the candidate can be easily integrated into the existing Team, how comfortable it will be for the candidate and his future colleagues to work together.

Recruitment process at JSV Belzarubeztsroy includes the following stages:

CV evaluation

After you apply for a vacancy, your CV is evaluated by a human resources specialist of our Company. At this point the specialist checks if the data in your CV complies with the vacancy requirements. This takes from one to three days.

Please note that if your work experience doesn’t correspond to the requirements of the vacancy you’re interested in, your candidacy will be rejected. However your CV will be automatically entered into the applicants database, which allows you to apply for the other vacancies of the Company!

Preliminary phone interview

If you CV is accepted, a human resources specialist will call you to obtain some additional information. If your telephone interview is successful, you will get an appointment for a personal interview. 

Personal interview with the human resources specialist

This interview is aimed at getting more information about your professional experience, it also gives you an opportunity to obtain the necessary information about the vacancy. 


Depending on the specific character of the vacancy, the candidates shall be required to perform tests at the selection stage, which allow us to get more information about your professional level, motivation and personal qualities so as to provide more comfortable work environment. 

Interview with the immediate superior

If you successfully pass the two previous stages, your CV will be sent for further consideration of the immediate superior. When your candidacy is approved based on the information in your CV, we set up an appointment for a personal interview with the manager.

Medical examination

For the positions involving long-term business trips abroad, there’s an additional stage – a medical examination, which allows to see if there are any contraindications for working in some countries. Employees undergo medical examinations in the leading medical centers of our country. 

Job offers


If you succeed at the previous stages, we send you a job offer, discuss one more time all the points of cooperation and perform the hiring procedure!

Now you are on our professional team!

Employee onboarding

The Company implements the system of personnel onboarding. The onboarding procedure is aimed at helping the new employees to assimilate faster, to reduce the mistakes during the assimilation period, at creating a positive Company image, lessening the discomfort during the initial period of work, and evaluating the qualification level and the potential of the employee during the probation period.

Personnel development and training

Taking into account that modern market conditions set the requirements for qualification level of the employees, we pay much attention to continuous improvement of professional competence of our staff. Training is provided for the employees at all levels and is a continuous process, which means our workers are being trained during the whole period of work.

Staff training is provided by the Company specialists, as well as by outsourced educational centers, companies and universities.

Today the intellectual level of our personnel is high: 80% of our workers have college degrees and 12% have specialized secondary education.

Students and graduates

Студентам и выпускникам

Through our youth program, young and goal-oriented university graduates have an opportunity to complete an internship in JSV Belzarubezhstroy with subsequent employment at our Company.

JSV Belzarubezhstroy annually provides internship opportunities to various specialists who come from all parts of our country. Many of them have already integrated in our united team and are on their way to success.

Experience that the interns get during their training is a huge advantage for those who seek employment in our Company. More than that, during the internship they participate in local and international projects under supervision of highly qualified instructors and mentors which makes our Company an ideal foundation for building up a successful career.

Information for ambitious and energetic students and graduates of the universities of the Republic of Belarus. If you want to become a promising young employee in our Company you can send your CV at the address indicated in the “Contacts” with a mark “Young professional” and join a team of successful professionals who are open to a continuous improvement.