Branch office in the Republic of Ecuador

JSV Belzarubezhstroy branch in Quito (the Republic of Ecuador) was registered on February 11, 2014.

Project, completed by JSV Belzarubezhstroy in Ecuador: Consulting services for preliminary surveys for the renovation of millennium educational institution “Experimental technical college named after Juan Jose Castello Sambrano”, located in Santa Elena canton, the province of Santa Elena, within the contract with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Ecuador.

Project in progress: Consulting services for technical supervision over engineering, procurement and construction of 500kV extra high voltage transmission lines and associated 230kV lines under the supervision of the Project Owner – Electricity Corporation of Ecuador, Strategic Public Enterprise (CELEC EP). The lines extend for about 900 km, and the project involves construction and commissioning of 6 substations and transmission lines, connecting them. This Project is an important step in creating the Unified Energy System of the Republic of Ecuador, which will include 500kV substations and transmission lines and will allow to increase the transit capacity and to create conditions for transmission of additional volumes of energy for the future increase in electricity demand of industrial regions and neighboring countries, it also allows to avoid energy losses during transmission.

JSV Belzarubezhstroy is exploring opportunities for delivering projects for the Coordinating Ministry of Production, Employment and Competitiveness and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Ecuador.