Cherikov Solar Plant groundbreaking ceremony. Installation of a plaque in Blizhniaya Rechitsa, and project presentation and press-conference in Minsk.


Blizhniaya Rechitsa — Minsk. Text: Andrey Smirnov; photo: Galina Kulakova, Andrey Smirnov and JSV “Belzarubezhstroy”; video and screenshots: Power Montage


This December 21turned out to be really busy and eventful! Two events dedicated to the formal beginning of construction of the Cherikov Solar Plant took place in different parts of the country. In the morning the groundbreaking ceremony was held in Blizhniaya Rechitsa area (Cherikov District, Mogilev Region) followed by installation of the commemorative plaque. Later in the day the project was presented to VIP guests and the press at JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” headquarters (Minsk).  Partners from four countries are involved in this international project – Belarus, Lithuania, UK and China; JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” is the leader of the construction consortium.  See details in our photo report. 

Blizhniaya Rechitsa: installation of a mounting rack with a commemorative plaque 

Blizhniaya Rechitsa is the name of a small village in Cherikov District of Mogilev Region. The village ceased to exist after the Chernobyl disaster, as it happened to be in the exclusion zone.  It was populated before April 26, 1986. But now there isn’t a building left there, not even a name on the map of Belarus. But next year the name of Blizhniaya Rechitsa will appear on the map again, as it is the site of construction of Cherikov Solar Plant, the largest in Belarus and the CIS.

The project mission is to build a 109 MW photovoltaic power station, Belarus’ largest renewable energy power plant. The plot area — 220 ha — is indicative of the plant size.  The works began at the end of October. Around 120 people and 30 pieces of construction equipment are currently employed at the site. According to Energy Facility Construction Department of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy”,  “as of the end of December, preparation and excavation works have been completed on the area covering 100 ha, mounting structures have been installed for over 800 PV modules. The bulk of the work is done by Construction Division No. 8 of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy”.  This is to say that by the time of the groundbreaking ceremony a lot has been done already.

These are two screenshots (aerial view), full video is available on Youtube

Photo: installation of the token first PV module mounting rack

Photo: installation of the commemorative plaque with the names of the project participants 

+Белзарубежстрой табличка ФЭС.jpg
Commemorative plaque text in Russian, English and Chinese – the project unites Europe and Asia

Official beginning of construction of Belarus’ largest solar plant. Photo (left to right): Alexander Falevich, First Deputy General Director of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy”; Party Secretary com. Guo Wei,  Power China Guizhou Engineering Company; Nikita Mikhnevich, Director of Solar Land LLC (RB);  Markus Heiss, Vice President of United Green Group (UK);  Roman Rochel, Executive Director of JSV “SNG Solar” (Lithuania)


Office of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” in Minsk: project presentation and press conference 

Later in the day there was a project presentation and press conference in Minsk. The following project goals were mentioned along with its national and regional significance:

— green solar power development in the Republic of Belarus;

— diversification of energy sources;

— saving of Belarus’ foreign currency resources through reduction of oil and gas imports;

— reduction of operating and transportation costs by providing energy to the neighboring villages and towns;

— projection of the international experience in similar projects to Belarus as a whole, and Mogilev region in particular;

— utilization of lands contaminated by radiation due to Chernobyl disaster.

Photo: guests at the presentation — representatives of the UK and China Embassies, companies involved in the project, media

Photo:  project presentation by Nikita Mikhnevich, director of Solar Land LLC (project owner), which was founded by the British investor for construction and operation of the solar plant in Belarus

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FOR REFERENCE (from press release):

Total project investment cost is over US$170  mln. Financing sources — own funds and loans provided by foreign institutions.

The project is financed by Cameliaside Limited (Ireland) — a subsidiary of United Green and Altostarta companies.

United Green Group is a company specializing in venture capital financing of renewable energy. United Green Group provides a wide range of power engineering services: power purchasing, power plant construction, energy project management etc. United Green Group is the major investor of this project. Click here for more information:

Photo (far left): Markus Heiss, Vice President of United Green Group

Ecap GmbH is a German company with a proven track record in development and construction of 350 MW solar parks in Europe, Middle East and CIS. Ecap GmbH will be the technical coordinator of Cherikov project and will be responsible for the plant maintenance after its commissioning. Click here for more information:

Photo (second right): Roman Rochel, Executive Director of SNG Solar (Lithuania) 

Power China Guizhou Engineering Co., Ltd. (China) is responsible for turnkey equipment supply and engineering.  

Photo: Party Secretary Guo Wei, Power China Guizhou Engineering Company

JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” will perform civil construction and installation works. The company is the leading Belarusian exporter of construction works with experience in large scale industrial, civil and energy construction projects in Belarus. Please click here for more information:

Photo: First Deputy General Director Alexander Falevich (JSV “Belzarubezhstroy”) informed the guests of successfully completed projects   

Project presentation and press conference generated considerable attention of the leading Belarusian media — there were over 20 publications. See below the headlines and active links to some of these publications:

BelTA: The largest Belarusian solar plant to be completed in Cherikov District in 2019

Interfax-West: United Green (UK) to build a $170 mln. solar plant near Mogilev

Belnovosti: Alternative to peaceful atom The country’s largest solar plant to be built in Cherikov District

Last but not least. When asked by JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” press service if the speakers promote renewable energy through their personal example, it was revealed that Vice President of United Green Group Markus Heiss has his house powered by a photovoltaic system.

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